Friday, March 6, 2009

Make-up Crazy?


Hmm. Not Yet.

Make-up Artistry excites me.

Have you ever felt that feeling that you’re like a kid waiting for Mr. Santa on Christmas Eve?

I can feel that same giddy feeling again.

Whenever I would see those bright colorful palettes and the magic they make on peoples’ faces it’s like I’m a kid again on Christmas Eve.
I have been very interested in make-up these past weeks. I kept on browsing through the blogs of the make-up addicts. Hahaha. Now, I decided to create my own blog. In this way, I could explore the make-up world further! I have a new dream that I can’t wait to fulfill.

Guess what?

I want to be a make-up artist!

Wouldn’t that be fun? The magic you can do turning those ladies (or guys) into bombshells? Hahaha.

Nine words: I am so excited I just can’t hide it.

Till next time! ;)

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