Monday, March 30, 2009

Time to Paaaaaaarty! :D


Grad Party!

A time for the seniors to be wild. Hahaha. ;)

Make-up: I know I said that I will do my own make-up but when I was having practices, I looked like I was going to a halloween party of the year. Gosh. How embarassing so I ended up going to a nearby salon instead. :>

Oh, I told you I was going to show you my shoooooooeeees! I absolutely love it until now. Many people admired it too. Yey!

Anyway here are the other things that I bought but failes to use in that day itself. :|

[Left-Right: Teasing Comb, Hair Clips, Hair Pins, Mascara, Thermal Hair Straightener, Eye shadow Trio by Patrick Rosas (G-Lish)]

My night is absolutely FUN especially cause I'm with my LOVES. :>

Now, I am ready to rock the next party there is! ;)


  1. Hurrah for your grad! and those are great heels!

    it kinda hit me na you're a Viray. i remember my mom telling me before na when i meet a "Viray", chance are, we're related. Teehee. Keep blogging!

  2. Thaaaanks! Oh really? You're a "Viray" too?

    It would be so cool if we're related. :)

    Keep blogging too! :>